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Hydrogen HeartWe design and install retro fitted on board hydrogen electrolysers for the road haulage, heavy plant and PSV industries that offer: 

*   Proven 5.5% increase in mpg

*   Pay-back period of 18 months (average 44 tonne truck)

*   Annual minimum fuel saving of £2,500 per lorry per year


It’s no secret that diesel engines are inefficient and don’t burn all the diesel; in simple terms  adding hydrogen creates a “flash burn“ which ignites more of the previously unburnt diesel  and cleans the existing carbon deposits in the cylinders, meaning more efficient fuel saving, cleaner engines and increased mpg. Fuel is expensive and there have been numerous attempts to find a solution to reduce fuel consumption but most of these have been of the ‘snake oil’ variety such as magnets that offer little in the way of results and very little scientific evidence of their effect.


Most hydrogen units require an accurate chemical/distilled water balance to ensure prolonged efficiency.  However, The Hydrogen Heart gives fuel saving and increased mpg while only adding distilled water.  Unlike other units The Hydrogen Heart draws only 5amps from the alternator and there is no interference with the lorry’s ECU (engine control unit) thus avoiding additional strain on the drive train.


The Science

Dr S Samuels of Oxford Brookes University conducted a study into the effects of introducing hydrogen to improve combustion in a diesel engine with impressive results that demonstrated a 5.5% increase in fuel saving and mpg.  The hydrogen generated for this research was made by the electrolysis process which requires the skill of a mathematician to get the electrolyte mixture correct.

New technology was developed for use in space stations and by the military.  This new technology only requires the addition of distilled water – no electrolyte is needed.  It is this technology that The Hydrogen Fuel Company Limited has adapted to produce The Hydrogen Heart where only distilled water is added to device


Proven Results

We have applied this hydrogen technology to HGV’s to increase fuel saving and durability. 75,000 miles of testing on a Euro5 44 tonne lorry has produced a 5.5% fuel saving, better torque, cooler engine temperature, less engine oil consumption, and fewer emissions, with no discernible battery power loss.


For more information or to take part in a no-obligation trial please call 07973 743436.e: christopher@mctexports.com