The Benefits – HHO injection to diesel engines

What are the benefits?


There are a number of benefits to using ‘The Hydrogen Heart’ beyond cleaner engines and improved mpg (miles per gallon).

  • Minimum 5.5% improvement on fuel saving measured in terms of mpg
  • Less oil usage as the engine will run cooler and cleaner
  • Greater torque allowing a smoother pull away and easier gradient climbing.
  • Fewer emission’s including NoX as the hydrogen insures more fuel is burnt.
  • No chemicals or consumables except distilled water
  • No hydrogen storage. Hydrogen production stops when the engine is turned off
  • Automatic safety sensors for accidental use of normal water
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy installation and removable which means the Hydrogen Heart can be transferred to another lorry.
  • No interference with the ECU
  • Single unit including water storage tank
  • Driver refills distilled water tank after 10,000 miles
  • The Hydrogen Heart automatically turns off if tape water added.
  • The Hydrogen Heart cleans the existing carbon deposits in the engine cylinders
  • Cleaner engines for longer durability
  • Cleaner engines benefit the environment
  • No loss of power from the electrics of the HGV as The Hydrogen Heart requires the same amount of power as an audio unit
  • No need to add chemicals only distilled water.
  • No obligation trial period
  • 18 month average pay back period and ongoing savings year after year with no associated costs except distilled water