Our Vision – Reducing fuel costs for HGVs and the haulage industry

Our vision is that ‘The Hydrogen Heart’ will reduce the fuel costs of every HGV vehicle on the road’ – Christopher Mackarness.

The UK’s HGV market use 7.6 million tonnes of fuel a year (Department of Transport. Statistical data set). The price of diesel is a major cost for hauliers because of the fluctuating market and level of UK fuel taxation.

Using The Hydrogen Fuel Company Limited’s technology we save hauliers money, have made hydrogen electrolysis safe and accessible to non-scientific individuals. We will make HGV’s more efficient, enhance their power and make diesel engines cleaner which will benefit the environment and society as a whole.

The potential market in the UK is 98,000 HGV vehicles that The Hydrogen Fuel Company Limited could retro fit in the UK alone. Our current offering is to vehicles over 32 tonnes doing a minimum of 75,000 miles per year (120,000 kilometers).

According to 2014 Government statistics there were 398,800 heavy goods vehicles registered in Great Britain in 2014; 32,800 were rigid over 32 tonnes, 3,800 were articulated 38 – 40 tonnes, and 94,200 40 tonne and above (Department of Transport: Statistical data set. Heavy Goods Vehicles VEH05)

Within the next 10 years we aim to have 20% of the trucks and lorries in the UK using our ‘unit’ which will give owners an economic advantage from the performance of each lorry. They will see a ‘financial return’ within 15 months of fitting.

Minimum Accumulative Savings After Offsetting Purchase Price Of Hydrogen Unit (typically 15 months)

Savings After Year 1 :                     -£772.87

Savings After Year 2 :                     £1,954.26

Savings After Year 3 :                     £4,681.39

Savings After Year 4 :                     £7,408.52

Savings After Year 5 :                     £10,135.65


Click on our interactive calculator link to see just how much money you could save;
THFC Interactive Calculator


To achieve this vision The Hydrogen Fuel Company Limited plan to continue to research, improve the manufacturing and distribution of the The Hydrogen Heart.

We have already reached several milestones to achieve this vision:

·         75,000 miles of testing on a Euro 5 44 tonne lorry. Producing a 5.7% fuel saving without reducing power to other parts of the vehicle.

·         Research by Imperial College London produced a more efficient unit with a ‘pay back’ period of 15 months, for a haulier who is doing on average 75,000 a year, 6.48 mpg and a cost price £1.00 (net) per litre.


For more information or to take part in a no-obligation trial please call 07973 743436.e: christopher@mctexports.com