The Hydrogen Heart Frequently Asked Questions

What increase in miles per gallon will I see?
Approximately 5.5%, we guarantee a saving of at least 5.5%

Are there any additional benefits?
You will use less oil and your engine will be cleaner. Please see our full list of benefits (link to benefits page)

What tests have been completed?
We tested the prototype unit with 75,000 miles of testing on a Euro 5 44 tonne lorry. Producing a 5.7% fuel saving without reducing power to other parts of the vehicle.

Research by Imperial College London produced a more efficient unit with a ‘pay back’ period of 15 months, for a haulier who is doing on average 75,000 a year, 6.48 mpg and a cost price £1.00 (net) per litre.

Will the engine lose power?
No, the unit requires no more power than an audio unit. You will experience improved performance.

Does The Unit interfere with the ECU?
No, we don’t touch it.

Can I install the unit on another lorry?
Will install the unit on as many lorries as you require for an installation fee of approx. £175.

Can I uninstall the unit without problems?
Yes, as we don’t interfere with the ECU we can remove the unit easily.

Will my drivers notice any difference?
Yes, the lorry will pull away more smoothly and use a gear less – especially when climbing gradients.

What are the costs?
The total cost of the unit including installation is £3,500.

10. What are the environmental benefits?
Cooler engine temperatures means less engine oil consumption and fewer emissions benefiting the environment. No chemicals are need to run the unit, only distilled water.

Is there a warrantee?
We offer a 3 year warrantee on parts and 12 months on labour.

How can I order a unit?
Call Christopher Mackarness on 07973 743436 or email to discuss your needs.

How can I calculate my payback period?
Just click on our interactive calculator and enter your figures. You will need accurate fuel records for an accurate prediction.

Is it Safe?
Hydrogen is made only when the engine is running. When the engine is turned off so is hydrogen production. No hydrogen is stored.

Are there any other safety features?
A sudden bump, such as a collision, will turn off the hydrogen production. To restart production the engine much be re started.

What if the tank is refilled with ordinary and not distilled water?
The safety sensor will immediately shut down your unit to stop damage. You must empty the water tank and rinse the filter with distilled water and then refill the tank with distilled water.

What’s the difference between ordinary water and distilled water?
Distilled water has been purified removing all its contaminants such as inorganic minerals, metals etc.

Where can I find the scientific research about using hydrogen to improve combustion in a diesel engine?
Samuel, S. and McCormick, G., “Hydrogen Enriched Diesel Combustion,” SAE Technical Paper 2010-01-2190, 2010, doi:10.4271/2010-01-2190.

Are there investment opportunities?
Yes, we are currently seeking investment by way of ordinary shares to represent 20% of the company

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